No, this service is free to send and manage referrals. Only those who wish to receive referrals will be charged.

Yes, you can update your profile to start receiving referrals at any point. You first have to select that you wish to receive referrals on your profile, then you must select which disciplines you wish to receive referrals in. You must be linked to, or have set up a practice manager account that 1. has signed up to either the basic or premium payment plan and 2. has enabled you to receive referrals.

No, you do not have to download any software. You can access Referral Network using any device with a secure internet access.

Yes, all correspondence and data is downloadable which can then be printed for storage as hard copy. Press Ctrl+P when viewing a referral and either download the page as a .pdf or print a hard copy.

Whether you manage a small single surgery practice or a large practice with many dental professionals you will be able to efficiently manage all incoming and outgoing referrals from one place. Referral Network allows you to take control and streamline your referral process. Referrals are stored for 30 years on our secure database and therefore can be accessed many years later if necesary. Patients referral queries can be easily answered by veiwing the status of the referral from the dashboard. Or alternitivley a patient can be directed to our track referral page where they can see the status of their referral and the details or the referral receiver. 

Any member of the dental team can be a practice manager. When the dental professional creates a link with a practice manager they are giving them consent to access their referral information specific to that practice. The dental professional must also ensure that the pracice manager is appropriatley qualified to access confidential referral information.